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D I A M O N D S   A R E    F O R E V E R

 Ranked among nature’s most precious gifts to mankind, Diamonds have remained the most coveted of all jewels, symbolising  power,mystique, & love. There’s no other gemstone that says so many beautiful things about a woman. Nothing that can thrill & delight a woman quite as much.

The word diamond comes from the Greek word ‘adamas’ meaning unconquerable. And when it comes to sheer beauty,a diamond is truly unconquerable.

The Greeks thoughts diamond were the tears of god & likened the fire of a diamond to love’s passion , while the ancient Romans believed that they were splinters from falling stars with which Eros [Greek god of love] tipped his arrows.

Diamonds were first unearthed in India. Through the centuries, the country has borne some of the biggest beauties like the famed ‘Kohinoor’.

Diamond’s structure , brilliance & beauty are unsurpassed. No two diamonds are the same. Each is unique. Every diamond has a birthmark ,sometimes also called nature’s signature that makes it unique. The beauty of a diamond lies in its ability to sparkle & disperse light [ quite similar to the spectrum of the rainbow ] from dozens of minute facets. Although diamonds are available in many colours now, a colourless diamond is  still considered to be the best & most expensive.

Today, people no longer believe in a diamond’s magical powers , but its seductive brilliance continues to mesmerise men & women around the world. A diamond has always invited the neighbour’s envy, because it is still a symbol of wealth.

Every diamond is unique ,but to a naked eye, two diamonds can look alike. To understand the difference , it is necessary to understand the 4 Cs – cut, colour, clarity & carat weight of a diamond. These 4Cs will help you know more about diamonds. Also, the larger the diamond , the rarer it can be. For eg. A three carat diamond, can cost up to  seven times more than a one carat diamond of equal colour & clarity & only one polished diamond in a thousand is over one carat.

Diamonds are popular for all jewellery from simplest to the most sophisticated , because of their hardness, superb luster & spectacular fire.

Diamonds are considered the most beautiful symbol of love & a woman’s best friend.

Undoubtedly, diamonds are brilliant, priceless &  rare…..just like true love…

Before signing off , I request all the readers & jewellery lovers to share their precious experiences & views about how jewellery sparkle their life ………………

Long live sparkling & glittering industry of gems & jewellery !!

copyright©2012.Swapnil Shukla.All rights reserved


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