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' Swapnil Jewels & Arts ' feels great proud to present its Cherish Collection ' The Sparkling Luxury 2014 ' ........

A rare range of fascinating silverware spectacular  works of art which includes Unique gift items , Divinity series and pooja offerings .

The lavish designs , intricate silverwork and impeccable quality make these rich artistic collections truly memorable and enduring gift items that are both beautiful and functional . Each of which has the spellbinding legacy of a rich tradition to recount .

These products can be purchased in sets or as single pieces and come with a guarantee of quality and fineness of 925.0 sterling silver.

Fashion Pandit

‘Fashion Pandit’ – A guide to fashionable lifestyle and jewels

‘Fashion Pandit’ – A guide to fashionable lifestyle and jewels , written by Jewellery Designer and Couturier Swapnil Shukla and published by Swapnil Saundarya Publications.

It is a neat little Paperback, beautifully designed and bound and small enough to slip into a bag without hassle. It only costs Rs.700/- with its insightful and precise information on Fashion, Jewellery and Lifestyle.

Fashionistas and Jewellery Lovers are loving it to keep or for a present and others too are snapping it up at book stores all over India.

So what are you waiting For ??????????

Get exclusive info on Fashion, Jewels and Lifestyle and become a Fashion Pandit . Live beautifully , Stay Fashionable ……….

For press or wholesale enquiries , please e-mail :

Shipping Cost : Rs.150
Pagination : 64
Format : Paper Back, Custom Size
Written by : Swapnil Shukla
Published by : Swapnil Saundarya Publications 

Order Now via sending us an e-…