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J E W E L S    O F   I N D I A   :  A N   O V E R V I E W
Jewels of India are world famous......India tops the world in consumption of gold jewellery........jewellery is something which is really very close to every woman specially for Indian woman, jewellery is a symbol of love, beauty, customs , traditions etc.......jewellery has become part of our life , even as both men & women have taken a fancy to wearing newer designs………The consumption of gold jewellery is very high in India ……Infact, buying gold in festivals is considered very auspicious because it is believed that the colour yellow emphasis happiness, prosperity & is a sign that ‘all is well’ with the world … brings happiness, love, prosperity, beauty, charm as well as it is a very safe investment.....
The purpose of wearing jewellery is to look more beautiful & attract others….it also plays a very important role in the life of both men & women …...”women  buy jewellery for their personal use & men buy …