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The Fascinating History of Indian Jewellery by Swapnil

The Fascinating History of Indian JewelleryAuthor Swapnil Jewellery Designer – Fashion Consultant – Design Journalist- Crafts Expert

Published by :  Aten Publishing House

Indian jewellery is as old as Indian civilisation itself. The ruins of the Indus Valley civilisation, going back to 5000 years, have yielded examples of beaded jewellery. In the sculptures at Bharhut, Sanchi and Amaravati and the paintings at Ajanta can be seen the wide range of jewellery worn by man and woman, by king and commoner. The temples of South India, Bengal, Orissa and Central India present a veritable cornucopia of the jeweller's art.

Jewelry has undergone an unprecedented revolution in recent decades. Personal adornment has always attracted wide interest, but since the 1960s jewelry has found fresh inspiration. Influences from other arts, the use of surprising materials and the desire to make an individual statement or even to tell a story, have all combined to create a new and exciting movement. Jewellery i…

Swapnil Saundarya Menz Jewellery ~ ROUGH AND TOUGH !

Jewellery for Her || Swapnil Saundarya Label

Jewellery for Her || Swapnil Saundarya Label