Saturday, 5 May 2012


S E N S U A L    B O D Y   J E W E L L E R Y

Gems & Jewellery industry is on the upswing today.This is  because of the greater awareness, higher disposable incomes & innovations in the industry.

In today’s time, there is a lot of media exposure & hence people are very conscious not only about the clothes they wear but also about the  accessories to go with those clothes .The trend is about making a ‘Style Statement’ & this includes the whole look.

One of the new trends in Gems & Jewellery industry,which is getting popular at a very fast rate is ‘Sensual body Jewellery ’. These were not new to many goldsmiths & designers across the world. They have been crafted them for several centuries & users enjoying them very much.

Sensual body jewellery becomes more popular among youth generation now-a-days .They usually enjoy wearing them .Also, these kind of jewellery adds panache & gives a very modern look to the personality of the wearer.

These jewellery are ranging from waist belts to piercing belly chains.There are many designers available who can make your imaginations a reality if you want to have sensual body jewels.

Before signing off , I request all the readers & jewellery lovers to share their precious experiences & views about how jewellery sparkle their life ………………

Long live sparkling & glittering industry of gems & jewellery !!

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  1. hey i said earlier u r really queen of words & u proved me right this time too ....keep it up dear :-)

  2. hi swapnil! i saw your f/b page & read your blog swapnil jewels & i found your designs very intricate & beautiful & wud really like to appreciate delicate nuances of your designs & as a writer your words express every aspect of your glittering & sparkling mind abt the gems & jewellery industry.......keep it up dear :-)

  3. great post.....nice to know abt sensual body jewellery....the article is really very insightful ....thanks :-)

  4. awesome info....