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Because every picture tells a story .............

Swapnil Saundarya Label put on display their products at SAKHI HAAT , a handicrafts Exhibition organised by Sakhi Kendra on 31st of July 2018 .....This is the Exhibition that will be  remembered forever


Take a look at some of the Beautiful and sweetest moments at the exhibition ..........

Love of beauty is taste. The creation of beauty is art


FORGET ME NOT 2018 By Swapnil Saundarya

~The Face of Courage ~ 

Neelam Chaturvedi
Hon. General Secretary, Sakhi Kendra 

Neelam Chaturvedi is an Indian women’s human rights defender and activist.

She works to create awareness about gender and caste violence in India and build networks to combat violence against women. She seeks to increase women's ability to participate in democratic institutions through capacity building and promote rehabilitation and counselling services for street children and children involved in child labour. She founded the first women’s shelter in her region and campaigns against violence and sexual harassment of women in her community. Her work for women's rights has been highlighted by Amnesty International.

As a trade union activist in the 1970s she became involved in work on women’s issues within the trade union movement and in Indian society as a whole. She organised women workers to raise issues of physical and mental violence, the dowry system, rape, prostitution and sexual harassment.

She is the founder or co-founder of Indian women's organizations including Mahila Manch, Sakhi Kendra and the National Alliance of Women's Organisations.

She is a core member of the National Alliance of Women's Organisations (NAWO) and a leader of the Opposition (for the Democratic Party) in the NAWO's Indian Women’s Parliament.


Representatives and founder of SAKHI KENDRA have been honored and awarded hundred times. For example Ms. Neelam Chaturvedi was invited by Amnesty International U.S. and Canada as a guest speaker and also honored by Rotary International club.

All India Intellectual Forum gave her the title of ‘Kanpur Ratna’ & honored with memento and certificate for incredible contribution of Neelam Chaturvedi as a Women human right defender and social worker. B.N.S. D. College, PSIT (college of professional studies) , at golden jubilee G.S.V.M. medical college, Kanpur, Saraswati Vidya Mandir Higher Secondary School, Rambagh , Kanpur and Rastrawadi Parivartan Manch‘ also felicitated her for enormous contribution to society.

She is also honored with ’ Indira Priyadarshini Award -2013 ' for her incredible contribution to Social reform.


Swapnil Saundarya ezine : An Intro

Launched in June 2013, Swapnil Saundarya ezine has been the first exclusive lifestyle ezine from India available in Hindi language ( Except Guest Articles ) updated bi- monthly . We at Swapnil Saundarya ezine , endeavor to keep our readership in touch with all the areas of fashion , Beauty, Health and Fitness mantras, home decor, history recalls, Literature, Lifestyle, Society, Religion and many more. Swapnil Saundarya ezine encourages its readership to make their life just like their Dream World .


We enter the New Volume of Swapnil Saundarya ezine….... we are extremely proud on  the completion of successful and glorious five years of India's first  lifestyle ezine avaiable in Hindi & We literally step over into the sixth year of our ezine. Once again, the start of a brand new volume has come upon us.

But who are we? Who are the people working behind the scenes to make Swapnil Saundarya Ezine truly beautiful & inspiring ? Today we’d like to publish something rather different. Being chummy as we are, we’d like to give you a peek behind the scenes — a little insight into how we work, who we are, where we live and where we come from. It will be quite a ride, so get yourself a beverage, make yourself comfortable and set a few minutes aside.

How We Work And Tinker: Slow Is Good Link

So far, you have seen only one side of our little publication. Articles get published, and you, dear reader, take care of the rest: promoting the article throughout your social channels and sharing it with colleagues offline. Sometimes an article instigates new discussions on and beyond Swapnil Saundarya Ezine , while sometimes one doesn’t quite manage to spark the conversation we had anticipated. But in either case, at that very moment when the article gets published, we are absolutely confident that it is delivering value to you.

All of Swapnil Saundarya Ezine 's articles have to have a certain… signature, a certain something that justifies their reason for existing online. That “something” has to pass the judgement of our editorial team, which never compromises its strongly held values. However, finding that signature isn’t easy. In fact, the route that an article has to take until that “Publish” button gets clicked is usually quite long. So how exactly does it work? We’re glad you asked.


Five years ago we established our “Publishing Policy,” a sacred set of editorial principles that we adhere to for every single article published on Swapnil Saundarya Ezine . We always protect your interests and ensure that the content published always merits your attention. We never publish any sponsored articles or hidden advertisements. We don’t participate in affiliate marketing. Our lovely sponsors have no influence on our content whatsoever.

These rules help us guarantee a fertile environment in which useful, high-quality articles can be born. Our authors are usually quite surprised by the attention that every single draft gets. We don’t set any deadlines for our authors, and we never push them to deliver an article by a particular date. We never shy away from sending critical or challenging feedback, and we take time to do proper research and quality control to ensure that an article delivers the value that we strive for. 

That’s the reason why articles usually take time — and the process in general is slow and time-consuming. Most articles go through three to four rounds of revisions . Being slow enables us to focus and tinker — to work on the little details that make the article feel right.


Sure, some authors don’t like the process — justifiably so. We are certainly not always a pleasure to work with, but we don’t have to be — what we do have to be is confident that we can stand behind every single article published in the magazine. And we don’t try to hunt down as many articles or as many authors as possible. In fact, we always publish the most valuable articles first — even if other articles have been waiting in the queue for months. Now, if that doesn’t make an author angry, what would?

Other authors feel grateful that we help them develop their ideas and techniques as the article progresses. We always do our best to take our authors out of their comfort zone; to challenge them, to make them think differently about their craft and their process. We don’t make it easy: we question the status quo and we obsess over all of the little details such as image captions and image credits and sources and front page images and links to related resources. Every single bit of it takes time and effort, but it’s worth it. We are not perfectionists, but we do try to make sure that everything is as it should be.


How do we manage it all? Well, it’s not as difficult as it sounds. We don’t use any sophisticated tools; we prefer to work with simple tools. For every article, we follow our custom editorial guide, which was thoroughly developed for the magazine as well as for our eBooks and printed books. We have developed a style and tone guide as well, which clearly states what is important to us, what our values and principles are, and what we pay attention to in terms of copywriting, customer service, code and visual design. And we tend to use quite a few checklists as well.

Occasionally we’ll take an hour or two on the weekend to handle the most important tasks and to make sure that our authors, customers and readers don’t have to wait too long for a reply.

We have developed custom tools to make it easier for us to write, coordinate, edit and proofread but we follow a thorough editorial procedure here as well. The magazine runs on Issuu, Blogspot, WordPress & Tumblr .

Notes are often taken with iA Writer, and to-do notes are managed in simple plain-text to-do files. Images and screenshots are created using InstantShot. Design sketches often happen on paper or in the browser. Most of us use Chrome and Firefox as our primary browsers.

We try to avoid distractions. Choosing an office space where avoiding distractions is easy was, therefore, the right decision for our small enterprise.

While a major part of our work requires being available online, over the years we’ve learned to appreciate the distinct appeal of being offline. A lot of planning, editing and design work is deliberately done offline — in sketchbooks with pencils, with sticky notes and doodles, sometimes with large headphones on. Especially when writing feedback for articles and discussing ideas, finding a calm area is often helpful. In fact, we don’t have fixed working hours.... we care that things get done, and we care that things get done properly. Sometimes they are done on the go, in the work place or in a coffee shop.

As we begin volume  6th of Swapnil Saundarya ezine, my prayer is that we continue to  grow and find the space within ourselves to know, beyond all doubt, that there is nothing more that we need to do in order to be complete. All we need is a willingness to allow ourselves to feel good and to be at peace in the present moment. All we need is gratitude for all that we have, and all that we have had the pleasure to be and to experience. That is the starting point from which all other things will flow into our existence. 

Be a part of Swapnil Saundarya ezine and Make your Life just like your Dream World !

With love,

स्वप्निल सौंदर्य ई-ज़ीन - परिचय

 कला , साहित्य,  फ़ैशन व सौंदर्य को समर्पित भारत की पहली हिन्दी लाइफस्टाइल  ई- पत्रिका के षष्ठम चरण अर्थात षष्ठम वर्ष में आप सभी का स्वागत है . 

फ़ैशन व लाइफस्टाइल  से जुड़ी हर वो बात जो है हम सभी के लिये खास, पहुँचेगी आप तक , हर पल , हर वक़्त, जब तक स्वप्निल सौंदर्य के साथ हैं आप. गत वर्षों की सफलता और आप सभी पाठकों के अपार प्रेम व प्रोत्साहन  के बाद अब स्वप्निल सौंदर्य ई-ज़ीन  ( Swapnil Saundarya ezine )   के षष्ठम वर्ष को एक नई उमंग, जोश व लालित्य के साथ प्रस्तुत किया जा रहा है ताकि आप अपनी ज़िंदगी को अपने सपनों की दुनिया बनाते रहें. सुंदर सपने देखते रहें और अपने हर सपने को साकार करते रहें .तो जुड़े रहिये 'स्वप्निल सौंदर्य' ब्लॉग व ई-ज़ीन  के साथ .

और ..............

बनायें अपनी ज़िंदगी को अपने सपनों की दुनिया .
( Make your Life just like your Dream World ) 

Founder - Editor  ( संस्थापक - संपादक ) :  
Rishabh Shukla  ( ऋषभ शुक्ला )

Managing Editor (कार्यकारी संपादक) :  
Suman Tripathi (सुमन त्रिपाठी) 

Chief  Writer (मुख्य लेखिका ) :  
Swapnil Shukla (स्वप्निल शुक्ला )

Art Director ( कला निदेशक) : 
Amit Chauhan  (अमित चौहान) 

Marketing Head ( मार्केटिंग प्रमुख ) : 
Vipul Bajpai (विपुल बाजपई) 

'स्वप्निल सौंदर्य - ई ज़ीन ' ( Swapnil Saundarya ezine )  में पूर्णतया मौलिक, अप्रकाशित लेखों को ही कॉपीराइट बेस पर स्वीकार किया जाता है . किसी भी बेनाम लेख/ योगदान पर हमारी कोई ज़िम्मेदारी नहीं होगी . जब तक कि खासतौर से कोई निर्देश न दिया गया हो , सभी फोटोग्राफ्स व चित्र केवल रेखांकित उद्देश्य से ही इस्तेमाल किए जाते हैं . लेख में दिए गए विचार लेखक के अपने हैं , उस पर संपादक की सहमति हो , यह आवश्यक नहीं है. हालांकि संपादक प्रकाशित विवरण को पूरी तरह से जाँच- परख कर ही प्रकाशित करते हैं, फिर भी उसकी शत- प्रतिशत की ज़िम्मेदारी उनकी नहीं है . प्रोड्क्टस , प्रोडक्ट्स से संबंधित जानकारियाँ, फोटोग्राफ्स, चित्र , इलस्ट्रेशन आदि के लिए ' स्वप्निल सौंदर्य - ई ज़ीन ' को ज़िम्मेदार नहीं ठहराया जा सकता .

कॉपीराइट : 'स्वप्निल सौंदर्य - ई ज़ीन '   ( Swapnil Saundarya ezine )   के कॉपीराइट सुरक्षित हैं और इसके सभी अधिकार आरक्षित हैं . इसमें प्रकाशित किसी भी विवरण को कॉपीराइट धारक से लिखित अनुमति प्राप्त किए बिना आंशिक या संपूर्ण रुप से पुन: प्रकाशित करना , सुधारकर  संग्रहित करना या किसी भी रुप या अर्थ में अनुवादित करके इलेक्ट्रॉनिक या यांत्रिक , प्रतिलिपि, रिकॉर्डिंग करना या दुनिया के किसी भी हिस्से में प्रकाशित करना निषेध है . 'स्वप्निल सौंदर्य - ई ज़ीन ' के सर्वाधिकार ' ऋषभ शुक्ल' ( Rishabh Shukla )  के पास सुरक्षित हैं . इसका किसी भी प्रकार से पुन: प्रकाशन निषेध है.

चेतावनी : 'स्वप्निल सौंदर्य - ई ज़ीन '  ( Swapnil Saundarya ezine )   में घरेलु नुस्खे, सौंदर्य निखार के लिए टिप्स एवं विभिन्न चिकित्सा पद्धतियों के संबंध में तथ्यपूर्ण जानकारी देने की हमने पूरी सावधानी बरती है . फिर भी पाठकों को चेतावनी दी जाती है कि अपने वैद्य या चिकित्सक आदि की सलाह से औषधि लें , क्योंकि बच्चों , बड़ों और कमज़ोर व्यक्तियों की शारीरिक शक्ति अलग अलग होती है , जिससे दवा की मात्रा क्षमता के अनुसार निर्धारित करना जरुरी है.  

To get updated with all the activities of Sakhi Kendra, a non profit charitable organization working for the empowerment of women, gender equality and gender justice with aims to build a healthy society...visit Sakhi Kendra Diaries on

The Faces behind Swapnil Saundarya ezine

Nobody else gets to live your life .....
You are the
A r t i s t .....

Paint your picture.....

​D r e a m
your own
into being !

Rishabh , an Art and Design Journalist , Editor, Design Consultant, Visual Artist and Author, studied at the renowned INIFD ( International Institute of Fashion Design ) in Delhi having 8 + years of work experience in the areas like Interior Design , Art & Colour Consultancy , Retail Design & Visual Merchandising , Art Appreciation, Product Designing, Writing & Design blogging. Rishabh specializes in stylish make overs & soft grooming of living spaces. Working for Swapnil Saundarya Label and Rishabh Interiors and Arts simultaneously , Rishabh has own acclaims from both critics and common people . He has held several art exhibitions and these have brought excellent response every time . Rishabh has authored two books on Interiors namely Ek Aashiyane ki Oar – A Guide for Residential Interiors and Supreme Home Therapy and works as editor in chief of Swapnil Saundarya ezine ( An online Magazine dedicated to Art , Aesthetics, Culture , heritage and Literature ) and Supreme Home Therapy ( An Interior Design Magazine ). Rishabh  blogs on Art, Interiors, Lifestyle and Society. He is also associated with the causes like ‘ Say No to Domestic Violence’, ‘ Fight Against Child Abuse’ and ‘ Whole Body Donation’ and his association with these social causes , represents in his paintings as well . Rishabh has received the excellence award 2016 in Fine Arts from Uttar Pradesh Art Society and Youth Trailblazer Award in Contemporary Writing  from North Indian Merchants' Association in 2017. Rishabh has also got featured on 'The Elegant Life' as young Indian entrepreneur who successfully started with almost nothing and set a milestone in his 20s.

Website ::

Blog ::

Swapnil Shukla is a Jewellery designer , Design Journalist, crafts expert and artist from India .She is the FIRST Jewellery Journalist and Fashion Columnist who writes and educates her readers about the most intricate subjects i.e Fashion , Jewellery and Lifestyle in 'HINDI' language.Swapnil’s work appears in a wide variety of notable Indian publications. Swapnil made her fashion columns and knowledge available to the hindi language people .  As a self-confessed ‘enthusiast of beautiful things’, Swapnil is also the chief Designer and co -owner of Swapnil Saundarya Label , which is a luxury craft manufacturing firm . Swapnil  has worked as Jewellery and Fashion Columnist/Journalist  for many Nationalized Magazines and started the famous and highly traffic grabber fashion & Lifestyle blog ‘Swapnil Saundarya’ available in English as well as in Hindi . Swapnil has also authored two books namely ‘Gehne – The Art of wearing Jewellery’ published in 2012 and Fashion Pandit published in 2014 . She has launched her own Designer Jewellery brand namely ‘Swapnil Jewels & Arts’ and now with a desire to add new dimensions to the design and Art industry , she started ‘ Swapnil Saundarya Label ‘ with a motive to make everybody’s life beautiful and just like their Dream World . She has received the 'Excellence Award 2016' in Fine arts from Uttar Pradesh Art Society. Swapnil has worn several hats , Jewellery Journalist, Columnist , Designer, Fashion Consultant, Craft Expert, Writer and Painter. More recently she diversified into Handicraft Products as an experiment in her journey in design . She recently got featured on 'The Elegant Life' as young Indian entrepreneur who successfully started with almost nothing and set a milestone in her 20s.

She presently works as Director & Chief Writer of Swapnil Saundarya ezine , which is an online publication that curates articles and info. on Art, Fashion , Jewels, Lifestyle, Interiors, Health Tips, Finance, Beauty, Religion , Entrepreneurship , Interviews, History Recalls and many more.

Story Behind Sakhi Kendra ....................

The incidents of women violence and women human rights along with criminal activities have been addressed more effectively through police department which has become more functional, active and responding through our interventions and continuous advocacies. 
People from several districts of various States have also approached our helpline and have also taken the benefits of our support services on account of its goodwill through email, phone and postage. 

The intellectuals from various spheres have always been involved with our endeavors through their valuable inputs, and suggestions during ' Think Tank Meetings ' organized frequently .When they had done the review of the work done by Sakhi Kendra  in the past 37 years they expressed their realizations and feeling of appreciation from the bottom of their heart for our passionate, devoted work to achieve our goal.

Several social and women organizations of U.P. and India have been in continuous networking with our organization like Sangini of M.P., Chattisgarh Mahila Samakhya, Todang Trust, Jharkhand, Gadhwal Sewa Samiti, Uttrakhand, HELP Foundation, SARC-Varanasi, Gramya-Varanasi, CREA of Delhi, SABLA of Raibareilly,PANI Sansthan-Gorakhpur, HUMSAFAR of Lucknow, VANANGANA of Chitrakoot, MAHILA UTHAN SAMITI of Lalganj,MEET of Auraiya, BAL VIKAS SAMITI of Fatehpur and CREDA of Mirzapur, Veerangana-Jhansi etc. has been proved an important tool to take several cases in the process of justice.
The emerging women human rights defenders from Kanpur district & rural and different districts of U.P. have been helpful in establishing links with more villages and slums take initiative at primary level to deal with the challenging situation. 

About Sakhi Kendra :

Sakhi Kendra is a non profit charitable organization working for the empowerment of women, gender equity and gender justice with aims to build a healthy society.

Sakhi Kendra's vision for equality, justice and non-violence has been prevailing since last 37 years to build a healthy Society free from all kinds of discriminations, violence and gender based equality. Out of 36000 challenging cases we were able to bring 18000 to justice giving birth to 40000 beneficiaries’ who are still resolving problems for women in distress in their region and spreading awareness amongst multiple people. Thousands of street plays, puppet/Muppet shows and livelihood trainings were done to spread our message as much as possible. Around 650 genders, capacity building training were done resulting in implementation of policy and CEDAW Consultancy. Many other sessions with the government were held for formulation of acts related to women and their, effective implementation. Due to our several meetings and dialogues with the government an organized set of structures was formed for strengthening the rights of Domestic Women Workers. Our immense efforts at district level as ‘ Sakhi Gharelu Kamgar Sangh’ and Rashtriya Dalit Mahila Shakti we were able to organize 6000 women. We have done 460 Public court related women’s violence. And initiated 135 women candidates in Panchayat and Municipal body elections in various areas of Kanpur. In association with organization S.B.I has sponsored the education grant more than 500 poor, physically handicapped or orphan girls for their basic to Graduation level education.



Make your Life just like your Dream World !

copyright©2013-Present. Rishabh Shukla. All rights reserved

No part of this publication may be reproduced , stored in a  retrieval system or transmitted , in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording or otherwise, without the prior permission of the copyright owner. 

Copyright infringement is never intended, if I published some of your work, and you feel I didn't credited properly, or you want me to remove it, please let me know and I'll do it immediately. 


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माणिक्य से लाभ , जीवन में उठाएं आप .

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माणिक्य से लाभ , जीवन में उठाएं आप .

आज के परिवेश में आमतौर पर हर व्यक्ति रत्नों के चमत्कारी प्रभावों का लाभ उठा कर अपने जीवन को समृ्द्धिशाली व खुशहाल बनाना चाहता है. रत्न भाग्योन्नति में शीघ्रातिशीघ्र अपना असर दिखाते हैं. रत्न समृ्द्धि व ऎश्वर्य के भी प्रतीक होते हैं. अत: इनकी चमक हर व्यक्ति को अपने मोहपाश में बाँध अपनी ओर आकर्षित करती है. ज्योतिष शास्त्र के साथ -साथ चिकित्सीय जगत में भी रत्नों के प्रभावशाली लाभों को मान्यता प्राप्त है. ऐसे में प्रमुख नवरत्नों की यदि बात करें तो हर रत्न की अपनी अलग विशेषता है. नवरत्न जैसे माणिक्य, हीरा, पन्ना , मोती, मूंगा, गोमेद, पुखराज, नीमल, लहसुनिया सभी रत्नों में भिन्न-भिन्न गुण विद्यमान हैं व हर रत्न की अपनी अलग उपयोगिता है . परंतु यदि हम इनमें से माणिक्य की बात करें तो यह एक बेहद खूबसूरत व बहुमूल्य रत्न होने के साथ - साथ अनेकों प्रभावशाली गुणों से भी युक्त है . माणिक्य रत्न जड़ित आभूषण हर उम्र के लोगों के व्यक्तित्व में चार- चाँद तो लगाते ही हैं , साथ ही साथ भीड़ से अलग एक बेहतरीन व राजसी लु…

Visual Merchandising : Jewellery Display

Visual Merchandising : Jewellery Display

The question confronting every retailer is what encourages a customer to shop in one store rather than another ?
The answer is : a coordinated effort  that includes marketing, merchandising, store design, and visual merchandising.

Visual merchandising today has become an indispensable and integral component of the fashion business. it is a tool or language that retailers use to communicate with the target customers .

Visual merchandising makes the customers stop, look , even examine the new merchandise available in your store . it is the art of presentation, which puts the merchandise in focus. it educates the customers, create desire and finally augments the selling process.

In jewellery and fashion business, VM plays a very important role. so if you are running a jewellery business, boutique , design house, or a store, it is mandatory for you to learn the basics of VM to enhance the sale of your merchandise.

The basic rules of design

As you know…

Goddess of Fashion : Coco Chanel

Goddess  of   Fashion :  Coco  Chanel


Coco Chanel-
Starting with a Paris hat shop in 1914, Coco Chanel went on to become one of the biggest names in the fashion industry. In the mid-1920s her trademark suit-and-hat ensemble became the Chanel look. She also created the world-famous Chanel No. 5 perfume. While she created little new work in the period during and after World War II, her name remained associated with haute couture (high fashion).

Detailed analysis of her life, style , work & quotes :

Coco Chanel, needs no introduction at least for those people who are connected with the fashion world. Coco Chanel created timeless designs that are still popular today. She herself became a much revered style icon known for her simple yet sophisticated outfits paired with great accessories, such as several strands of pearls. As Chanel once said,“luxury must be comfortable, otherwise it is not luxury.”Coco Chanel stuck to one particular style throughout her life, thereby creating a…