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For God's sake ....start using Mirror :

For God's sake ....start using Mirror :

Fashion....we all, especially ladies are fascinate with this term ...& everybody try their level best to follow the latest fashion so as to look good, attractive , charming  & grab  attention of people around them.Though fashion is just a  7 letters word , but its really very difficult to understand it deeply . fashion means being in style that provides comfort..It basically includes  style in clothing, hair, Jewellery &  styling in your lifestyle.

but what to say about those who want to be fashionable, live in style but don't have any attitiude to carry style in their personality & lifestyle.....these kinda fashion illiterate people usually  metamorphised themselves into comical characters & make fun of themselves in public ...... All because of this current ‘fashion mania’ that has gripped our modern society . Every female wants to look ‘hot’ & every male wants to look 'cool'.

I saw many gals in  lace and net sarees , the OTT accessories with absolute  untidy hair, excessive foundation, smudged eyeliner, ill-fitting blouse & vermillion colour  lipstick ....oops... No,no,no. It’s not happening. Where is Manish Malhotra  or Neeta lulla  when these kinda so called self claimed fashionista  ladies  need them  the most?
someone tell them, there are ways and ways and ways to grab attention of others . And for this they donot have to look like an amma , an aie, a gaon ki chhori.
Contrary to this, some gals who are comfortable with western wear....who are desperate to attract attention , make it to Page 3 & to be diiferent , they wear rainbow colour top with vivid colour jeans & [ u can't belive this  ] with a BIG nath [ nose ring ], some gals try to follow the Cleopatra look which is  enormously popular and influence all phases of fashion, including hair styles and accessories. In this style, particular attention is given to the eyes, which are dramatize by dark, exaggerate lines extending beyond and above the natural line. Use of eye shadow in Nile green and shades of blue for daytime and in glittering  gold for evening.....but some fashion illiterate gals follow this wonderful style in the most hilarious manner.
Will someone convince these ladies  to ditch those rainbow colour outfits, heavy velvet , three quarter sleeve blouse, over shinny dresses , ill-fitting clothes for something slightly more elegant and feminine?
I request these ladies not to use their intelligent brain for styling themselves .Just go to the nearest fashion school for some basic lessons in how to dress & how to stay fashionable.
besides , I have a brilliant suggestion too. It’s called a MIRROR. Plz no 'kanjoosi' in using this miraculous thing that never says a lie.....

                                        - Swapnil Shukla

copyright©2012Swapnil Shukla.All rights reserved


  1. very well said & well written article..... totoally PAISAA WASOOL..

  2. greattt & wonderful analysis.... girls beware of SWAPNIL SHUKLA....she is watching u ......hmmmmmmmmmmmmm

  3. he heh hehehe he ....great post ....kis badnaseeb ke liye likha hai ??????.... let me guess ...hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm


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